Artistic Tiles From The American Encaustic Tiling Company

About this collection
The American Encaustic Tiling Company was established in Zanesville, Ohio in 1875. By the 1930s, the company was one of the largest tile manufacturers in the world. The company manufactured art tile, plain and ornamental wall tile, and floor tile.

The Ceramic Mosaic Tile catalog was published in the early twentieth century to showcase and promote American Encaustic Tiling Company floor tile. Seventy-one color plates depict available patterns, sizing, colors, lettering and numbers for myriad styles of floor tile design.

The Artistic Tiles catalog features decorated tile, printed tiles, mantel facing tiles, art tiles, and embossed tiles.

For more information, view the catalog records for Ceramic Mosaic Tile and Artistic tiles.

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The catalog is housed in Special Collections and Archives at James Branch Cabell Library and is part of the Charles E. Brownell Collection. Please direct reference and research inquires to or call (804) 828-1108.