Confederate Military Hospitals in Richmond

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Confederate Military Hospitals in Richmond, by Robert W. Waitt, Jr., was originally published in 1964 by the Richmond Civil War Centennial Committee. The 40-page directory gives alphabetical listings of the general hospitals in Richmond during the Civil War, as well as private residences, commercial buildings, churches, and parks temporarily used as hospitals. Several of the pages are illustrated with photographs and maps.

The text of this book was originally used in the first digital efforts of the VCU Libraries in the late 1990s. We are pleased to present the work in its entirety for the first time, in its original context, digitized from the copy held by Health Sciences Library Special Collections & Archives. For detailed information about one of the hospitals listed in this work, see the Robertson Hospital Register Collection.

Each page of the book is presented as a high-resolution JPEG 2000 file suitable for zooming.

Materials in this collection are in the public domain, and thus are free of any copyright restriction. We ask that you acknowledge the VCU Libraries if any of the materials are used.