Cabell-inspired musical works: Recordings by Michael Keith

Michael Keith performed and recorded three musical works inspired by the work of James Branch Cabell: Deems Taylor’s Jurgen: Symphonic Poem for Orchestra, Op. 17; Taylor's Jurgen: Arrangement for four-hand piano; and Louis Cheslock’s Overture to The Jewel Merchants. Opera in One Act. Keith is a mathematician and software designer with a long-time interest in James Branch Cabell. His study and performance of Deem's Taylor's Jurgen was awarded The Cabell Prize in 1999.

These recordings were produced in 1999 using Roland and Kurzweil synthesizers (standing in for an orchestra) and a Kurzweil digital piano. They are the first recordings of both the Taylor and Cheslock compositions; neither piece has ever appeared on a commercial LP or CD.

These items are presented as part of the James Branch Cabell: Literary Life and Legacy project.

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